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    Helping the environment impacts us all. Discover how your community can benefit from bringing Alvéole’s sustainable amenities to your building.

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  • ✓ Strengthen your sustainability strategy

    Invest in these sustainable initiatives and earn green building certification credits.

    ✓ Engage with your community

    Bond over your project during educational team building activities and stay connected through our unique online platform, dedicated to your hive project.

    ✓ Boost visibility & marketability

    Spread the word about your initiative with brandable and eco-friendly corporate gifts and ready-to-use marketing tools.

Bringing nature back to cities through engaging and impactful initiatives

You want to have a positive environmental impact and we’re here to help. All of our services are professionally maintained, meaning we’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can fall in love with your bee-friendly space.

Urban beekeeping & BeeHomes

Turn your property into
a welcoming space for all bees.

Community engagement

Connect with your community
and bond over your bee program.

Data & science

Invest in your sustainability performance
and support bee habitat.


Get inspired to do more for the
environment through team
building activities.

Honey & corporate gifts

Showcase your bee program
with jars of ultra-local
urban honey and sustainable
corporate gifts.

Safety & insurance

Rest easy – you’re covered by full
commercial general liability insurance
and we have all necessary
safety certifications.

  • Share your bee program with the world

    Bring your whole community together around your beehive program with MyHive, our all-in-one interactive platform. Each client receives a dedicated MyHive account, a key tenant experience and engagement tool. 

    • Follow updates about your bees’ health, provided by your beekeeper
    • Communicate and connect with your team, tenants, and community
    • Keep track of scheduled hive visits
    • Book workshops and team building activities
    • Access your Beehive impact assessment, a report showing your property’s social and environmental impact


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Everyone can join the movement

Our diverse list of partners all have one thing in common: doing their part for a greener future.

Corporate segment with Alvéole
Commercial real estate

Increase tenant retention, community engagement,
and environmental awareness.

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Commercial Real Estate


Develop your sustainability strategy and
environmental management plan.

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Schools with Alvéole


Get hands-on with nature with our
cross-curricular educational opportunities.

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    The Alvéole impact

    • Case study: Honey bees and urban gardens get Nuveen tenants excited to come to the office

      How the 730 Third Avenue team increased tenant engagement and return to office at the midtown Manhattan office building.

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    • Ebook: How to Support Return-to-Office With Nature-Based Solutions

      Discover the top factors employees look for in a workplace and how nature-based solutions can meet these needs.

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    • 7 ways to drive tenant engagement and wellness with nature-based amenities

      Find out why nature-based amenities are an effective way to draw tenants back to the office.

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    • Case Study: Building a Greener Community in Toronto

      How the Metro Toronto Convention Centre transformed its neighborhood one green initiative – and buzzing beehive – at a time.

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