Bring sustainability and engagement together

Alvéole leverages bees on over 2,200 commercial buildings to help companies increase tenant satisfaction and engagement, earn green building credits, and monitor real estate’s impact on nature and biodiversity.

Trusted by leading real estate companies

Brookfield Properties
Goldman Sachs
Tishman Speyer

Leverage bees to enhance property value

Delight your tenants, building ownership, and investors.

Increase tenant engagement

With events, activities, and unique corporate gifts, you’ll have everything you need to bring your tenants and community together.

Boost engagement

Reinforce your sustainability strategy

Create strong links between your tenants and your sustainability efforts, while earning credits towards green building certifications.

Embrace sustainability

Attract premium tenants

Nature-focused amenities are your secret weapon for winning over prospective tenants and investors.

Make your building shine

Monitor nature and biodiversity on your property

Access environmental data to enhance your ESG report and make informed decisions to better support biodiversity.

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What makes Alvéole different?

Your targets are ambitious and your time is limited. That’s why Alvéole offers a turnkey, holistic approach to sustainability and engagement.

Largest-scale urban beekeeping company operating across USA, Canada, and Europe

Specialized in commercial real estate

Focus on engagement and
environmental education

Leading nature and biodiversity database for commercial real estate

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