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Sweeten your sustainability solutions in London

Keep your property attractive with our urban beekeeping services. We work actively with your stakeholders to ensure pollinators can thrive around your building. Increase tenant engagement by helping people reconnect with nature and start real conversations about the importance of biodiversity.

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A beekeeper's smoker sits on a rooftop with bees flying around
  • Join 2500+ leading organizations in repurposing your property for the environment

    Discover how Alvéole’s nature-based solutions can help you reach your ESG and tenant engagement goals.

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  • The impact of your beehives on...

    Your People. Foster an engaging work environment with a unique experience and ultra-local brandable honey jars.

    Your Company. Get economic benefits from higher employee productivity, creativity and retention.

    Your Property. Become a sustainable leader in your industry with LEED, BREEAM and Fitwel certifications and reach your ESG goals.

    Your City. Encourage biodiversity and reconnect London with nature by hosting honeybees, wild bees and gardens.

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