• Urban beekeeping in Paris

    Though everyone knows Paris for its high fashion, delicious cuisine, and incredible landmarks, few know about the city’s thriving beekeeping community. With hundreds of hives already adorning some of the world’s most iconic buildings, Paris’ sophisticated pollinators have free rein of the city’s luxuriant gardens, wild intramuros nooks, and perfectly manicured shrubs as they forage for native dandelions, chestnut trees, and sophoras.

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  • Dedicated Beekeepers in Paris

    Carrying out our mission at Alvéole would be impossible without the dedication of our beekeepers, passionately dedicated to our customers and their winged colleagues! With the help of our online platform MyHive, our customers are able to follow the evolution of their colony via regular updates by their beekeeper on the health and activity of their bees.

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Alvéole takes flight in Paris by merging with Beeopic!

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  • Testing out each other’s pheromones

    The origin story of the merger between Alvéole and Beeopic, the most notable urban beekeeping company in Paris, begins in January 2019 - as millions of Parisian bees were still cozy and nestled in their respective urban hives. As it would appear, the pheromones of Alvéole and Beeopic’s colonies were very compatible, particularly when it came to their shared vision of the unique role that urban beekeeping can play when it comes to raising environmental awareness among city dwellers.

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  • Merging two mature colonies

    That’s when two of Alvéole’s co-founders flew from Montréal to Paris, to visit the City of Lights, and meet the inspiring Beeopic team to exchange thoughts on the art of urban beekeeping and to discover the city through their eyes. From Notre-Dame-de-Paris’ rooftop to several Parisian hotels, the group bonded over this day of discovery, moving together through the rooftops of Paris - and it was overlooking the city’s skyline that the idea of ​​a merger slowly started to emerge.

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  • Beekeeper inspecting a hive on a roof
  • Swarming to new cities!

    In September, Beeopic’s founder, in turn, flew to Montréal to attend the world-renowned Apimondia congress and to visit his friends at Alvéole on their home turf. A stream of energized discussions and exchanges ensued, interrupted only by requisite urban walks… (and a memorable ping-pong competition - won, for the record, by the French team!). More than a year and a half later, in June 2020, the merging of these two colonies became official, and the two grew into one happy, buzzing hive. Together, we’ll keep on growing and swarming to cities across Europe, continuing to spread our wings by spreading awareness; connecting with more and more city folks about the crucial role that bees play in our world and the importance of maintaining biodiversity.

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