• Bring honey bees to your building in Austin with Alvéole, leader in beehive rental

    As of today, there are around 250,000 Alvéole’s honey bees hard at work in the city! Join the thriving urban beekeeping movement in Austin by installing honey bee hives on your rooftop with Alvéole’s turnkey urban beekeeping service.With our help, increase engagement and sustainability for your business, school or organization

  • Beehive rental: engaging and sustainable urban amenities

    Urban beekeeping brings people together around an awe-inspiring experience through interactive, thought-provoking conferences and activities that allow for deeper conversations about sustainability.

    Affordable and easy to implement, beehive rental is a sustainable solution that inspires people and organizations to do better and do more for the environment, with the added benefit of producing ultra local urban honey – a sweet tool to help embark your network and community along with you on your journey.

Reconnecting thousands with nature in Texas

  • Dedicated Beekeepers in Austin

    Carrying out our mission at Alvéole would be impossible without the dedication of our beekeepers, passionately dedicated to our customers and their winged colleagues! With the help of our online platform MyHive, our customers are able to follow the evolution of their colony via regular updates by their beekeeper on the health and activity of their bees.

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Your unique turnkey beehive rental experience

  • A beekeeper ties a strap around their hive equipment
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  • Honey bee hive installation, care and maintenance

    Alvéole's urban beekeeping service includes the installation and care of honey bees at your building, and all required certifications, accreditations and insurances.

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  • An Alvéole beekeeper shows off a frame of honey bees to a group of people
  • Team-building conferences and interactive activities

    Every urban beekeeping project includes educational workshops. These hour-long hands-on activities or inspiring conferences engage and connect people with their honey bees, whether in person or virtually.


  • An Alvéole beekeeper shows off a frame of honey bees to a group of people
    Alveoles Bee Image Black and White
  • A jar of honey with a custom label
  • Customized ultra local urban honey harvest

    Each hive yields dozens of jars of unique honey, extracted and jarred manually at our certified facilities, and labeled with your logo and custom colors.

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Make a difference in Austin with a custom urban beekeeping project

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