Connect with your community and bond over your bee program

    Nothing gets people talking quite like bees. These social creatures create a sense of wonder in us all, bonding us through shared experiences and the collective desire to protect them. Engage with your community around a sustainable bee solution.

    Quiz: Is your building suitable for bees?

  • Bring your community together with an inspiring and sustainable program

    Experience the magic power bees have to bring people closer and inspire collective action.

    ✔️ Increase tenant or employee engagement and retention

    95% of clients say that Alvéole helps them increase engagement with their community. Team building workshops and the interactive online platform MyHive are tried-and-true tools to make people feel more connected to each other and their workplace or residence.

    ✔️ Boost visibility and marketability

    Tell your story in an impactful way and attract new tenants or employees with ready-to-use marketing tools, eye-catching educational signage, and your own honey to give as corporate gifts.

    ✔️ Build ESG awareness in your community

    Highlight your organization’s sustainability efforts in a way that sparks real interest in your stakeholders. Create awareness through events, communications tools, and annual impact reports.

Your engaging bee experience

Unique and memorable experiences to fuel your community’s excitement and sense of connection year round.

Real-time updates

Follow updates about your bees’ health provided by your beekeeper via our interactive online platform, MyHive.

Team building activities

Bond over your bee program and connect with your employees, tenants, or community members.

Visibility and marketing tools

Spread the word about your corporate sustainability program with brandable and eco-friendly corporate gifts and ready-to-use marketing tools.

Customized ultra local urban honey harvest

A sweet benefit of hosting honey bees on your property: delicious jars of honey at the end of each season.

Contribution to a local non-profit

As a 1% for the Planet member, we at Alvéole donate 1% of our sales to non-profit environmental organizations in every city where our bees buzz.

    There’s a reason we’re doing this: by adopting honey bees, we are helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the subtle wonders of nature.

    - Mid-America (Chicago)

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    Not only have the team at Alvéole been fantastic at offering their engaging educational tenant workshops, but have assisted in highlighting Dream Unlimited’s sustainability values through environmental stewardship.

    - Michael Hasko, Senior Property Manager, Dream Unlimited (Toronto)

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    Not only have the team at Alvéole been fantastic at offering their engaging educational tenant workshops, but have assisted in highlighting Dream Unlimited’s sustainability values through environmental stewardship.

    - Michael Hasko, Senior Property Manager, Dream Unlimited (Toronto)

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A customized solution to meet your needs

Create a memorable buzz in your community.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Increase tenant engagement and retention while building environmental awareness within your community.

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Corporate segment with Alvéole


Further your sustainability initiatives and ESG strategy with a unique engagement program.

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Schools with Alvéole


Get hands-on with nature – these programs offer endless opportunities for cross-curricular educational exploration.

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Launch your sustainable bee program in 4 easy steps

Our team of specialists
will assess your needs

We work with you to understand your goals, determine if your property is suitable for bees, discuss safety and insurance, and answer any questions you may have.

Hive and BeeHome installation, maintenance, and care

Your dedicated beekeeper will install and care for your hive and BeeHome to ensure the bees are happy and healthy.

Activate your MyHive page and schedule your team building activities

See scheduled hive visits, book team building activities, and share updates with your community.

Celebrate the season’s end with ultra-local honey

Spread the word about your bee program with custom branded honey jars made by your own colony!

Answers to your questions
  • How does this solution contribute to a tenant engagement program that includes ESG-specific issues?

    Alvéole’s programming answers to the tenant engagement standards defined by GRESB. These include communications tools, an online platform for tenants, and tenant events focused on increasing ESG awareness.

    To further your community engagement, Alvéole donates 1% of the profits from your bee program to a local environmental non-profit as part of the 1% for the Planet program.

  • Do tenants need to be able to access the hive installation site?

    Not necessarily. The engagement value of the program does not require close proximity to the hive. Of course, when the hive is accessible, tenants are welcome to observe their beekeeper during hive inspections.

    All packages include remote or in-person workshops to form a connection between people and the bees, as well as access to an online, public-facing platform to share the program with your community.

  • What kind of team building activities and special events do you offer?

    We offer a variety of interactive, hands-on, and educational workshops, which can be delivered in-person or remotely. Learn more about our workshops here.

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