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Honey & products from the hive

  • Xmas Miel FR
    Alveoles Bee Image Black and White
  • Holiday Honey - 140g

    A tasting-sized jar of ultra local honey, produced by our urban bees or by a bee-friendly and Alvéole-approved artisan. Each jar is labelled with your organization’s logo.

    Minimum order: 100
    Starting from $6.00 / each

    100 +: $7.00
    200 +: $6.50
    300 +: $6.00

  • Xmas Rolled H4H Candles
  • Hives for Humanity Candles - Duo

    These beeswax candles are hand rolled with love by Hives for Humanity. Thanks to this partnership, each candle creates an opportunity for connection to a supportive community, offers inclusive training and work opportunities, and fosters self-worth with people experiencing poverty and systemic exclusion.

    Minimum order: 25
    $16 / each

  • Xmas Rolled H4H Candles
    Alveoles Bee Image Black and White
  • Xmas Wrap FR
  • Beeswax food wrap

    Natural food wrap - rather than plastic wrap - to keep food fresh, presented in an individual kraft package labelled with your organization’s logo. Made with organic cotton and hemp infused with beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

    Minimum order: 50
    Starting from: $7.60 / each

    50 +: $9.50
    250 +: $8.75
    500 +: $8
    750 +: $7.60

  • The Holiday Beehive trio

    A beeswax wrap, a soap bar and a lip balm, presented in a kraft box with black silk paper and labelled with your organization’s logo on each product.

    Minimum order: 50
    Starting from $21.25 / each

    50 +: $ 25.00
    100 +: $ 23.15
    350 +: $ 21.25

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Frequently asked questions
  • Can I order more or less than the indicated quantities?

    Yes, we can accommodate any requested quantities.
    For small orders, we’ll charge a flat fee of $250 to cover our design fees.
    For bigger numbers, please get in touch with us.

  • What is the production time for bee products?

    Our standard production time is 10 to 20 working days, depending on the order.

  • Can I request an urgent order?

    Yes, we can work within 5 working days if needed, but we’ll charge a flat fee of $400 to cover our extra costs.

  • Is shipping included?

    Delivery is free for orders of 500 $ or more to one location. Shipping fees are $100 for orders of less than $500.

  • Can I order bee products without a personalized packaging or label?

    Yes, all of our products are also available with our standard Alvéole label and packaging as well.

  • Do you only use Alvéole beeswax and honey for your products?

    We certainly use all our beeswax and honey every season (zero waste here!), but since we focus on education rather than production, we join forces with partner beekeeping farms when needed.

  • Can you use the beeswax and honey from my hives to make my bee products?

    Unfortunately, we can’t. Since the process of extracting and filtering wax is very different from that of honey, it’s impossible for us to isolate the wax from a single hive. Instead, we pool together all the wax we collect throughout the year and use any leftover honey to create all of our products from the hive.

  • Is all of the packaging recyclable?

    Yes, all of our products come in kraft paper packaging that can be recycled.