• Urban beekeeping in Washington D.C.

    Known for its densely packed cultural diversity and iconic Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. has also been a busy beekeeping hub since 2012. From lush cherry blossoms to aromatic clover, linden trees, and goldenrod, the city’s green spaces are covered in delicious sources of nectar and pollen for all pollinators.

  • Meet Washington D.C.'s urban beekeeping team manager

    Annie feels lucky to work in a city that puts such dedication into its green spaces, making it home to thousands of pollinators. She believes in the importance of cultivating a hands-on understanding of our food systems and is passionate about sustainable agriculture. Annie loves beekeeping because it allows her to slow down and endeavour to make sense of nature; from biology to social structure, honey bees teach her something new everyday. And as an avid cook, the honey isn’t a bad perk, either!

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