• Engage your tenants and team with innovative team building activities

    Honey bees have a superpower: they’re incredible at bringing people together, fostering child-like curiosity, and allowing for deeper conversations about sustainability. To facilitate the connection between humans, honey bees, nature, and cities, we’re constantly creating new conferences and activities aimed at building a bridge between people and the beekeeping project, whether in person or online.

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Engaging and educational team-building conferences

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  • Discover the world of bees: A look at the fascinating role bees play in our world

    In this awe-inspiring, conference-style workshop, participants learn more about urban beekeeping and the little city that is a beehive, then listen to their beekeeper recount a bee’s life journey, from the moment she emerges from her cell to her final flight.

  • Bee the movement: A foray into the inspiring urban agriculture movement

    Chicken keeping, rooftop gardens, vertical farming and creating community - this workshop takes participants a few steps out of the bee hive and into the broader and inspiring movement of urban agriculture.

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Hands-on activities

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  • From hive to honey jar: A very hands-on, artisanal honey extraction

    The artistry of beekeeping doesn’t end at hive inspections - join your beekeeper in a behind-the-scenes look at the art of artisanal honey extraction, from the process of harvesting frames to spinning the honey out of the honeycomb.

  • Wonders of beeswax: The art of candle-making

    While employing proper social distancing protocol (if necessary), your beekeeper will guide you through the artisanal and charming process of making hand-dipped beeswax candles in this hour-long hands-on activity.

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Interactive activities

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  • Meet your bees: A real, memorable hive inspection - up close and personal!

    From basic beekeeping tools to the inner workings of your buzzing hive, your beekeeper will take your group through a memorable experience that is sure to create a lasting sense of wonder.

  • Bee there or bee square: Team trivia!

    A team-based trivia game that is sure to leave participants walking away with a smile, a sense of connection to the rest of the group, and some fun (and surprising) bee knowledge.

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Conversation-style experiences

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  • Meet your Beekeeper

    Get to know your dedicated beekeeper and the ins and outs of their day-to-day and your project!

  • Information Kiosk: What’s the Buzz?

    An eye-catching visual display sure to create a buzz about your bee project.

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    The workshops are a great opportunity to connect with our tenants and the educational aspect of the project has played a huge part in the experience. The service is turnkey and allows us to give back to the environment while gaining new knowledge.

    - Allied
Answers to your questions!
  • Why are workshops and activities part of every Alvéole experience?

    Educational workshops and team-building activities are a powerful vehicle for education, especially when connected to a hive. After a workshop, participants become mobilized spokespeople for bees, urban beekeeping and pollinators, as well as your urban beekeeping initiative. 

  • What are workshops like?

    Depending on the chosen workshop topic and setting (either in-person or virtual), our hour-long workshops can take on different forms. We offer a range of activities, be it conference-style presentations, conversation-style workshops, as well as interactive and (safe!) hands-on activities. What our workshops all have in common are their educational, engaging qualities and upbeat atmosphere. 

  • Do you have online or socially-distant options?

    Determined to offer every opportunity for connection with your beekeeping project, we offer our workshops in a variety of settings, with the safety of both our teams and our partners’ being our utmost priority. We have many engaging online options as well as adapted in-person options, modified for social distancing and safety guidelines.