ESG strategy and environmental sustainability are hot topics in the commercial real estate world, and for good reason. At COP26, the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, a panel of experts estimated that commercial real estate is responsible for up to 40% of global carbon emissions [Source]. Increasingly, prospective tenants are looking for buildings that have a proven track record of sustainable practices. The most innovative building management teams are seizing this opportunity and finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Stand out from the crowd with a green building certification

    Green building certifications are industry standard programs that recognize a building for its sustainability performance. Investing in a sustainability strategy to earn these certifications can make your building more attractive to potential tenants and increase its overall value. On top of that, you can feel proud knowing you’re making a positive impact in your community!

    The following guide will walk you through some of the top certifications and how you can earn them for your building.


    Bringing an urban beekeeping project to your property can help you earn points towards 4 of the top green rating programs available on the commercial real estate market. Keep reading to learn how.

  • BREEAM Sustainability Assessment

    BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an international sustainable building certification. BREEAM awards up to 10 credits for adding a pollinator habitat to a commercial building.

    Point breakdown

    • Earn up to 4 credits for your Ecology Report. This report allows organizations to identify the existing ecological value of their property, manage the possible negative impacts it could have, and make improvements to better support biodiversity.
    • Earn up to 6 credits for your Biodiversity Management Plan. This action plan encourages organizations to set targets to continuously maintain and improve the ecological value of the property.
    • Alvéole’s turnkey urban beekeeping service can be a key element in your report and plan.
  • LEED Rating System

    LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an internationally accepted benchmark for green buildings, is the most recognized sustainable building certification.

    Point breakdown

    • The Green Building Council awards up to 5 points towards the Innovation LEED credit for out-of-the-box strategies. Adding a pollinator habitat to a commercial building can earn points towards this credit.
  • BOMA 360 Performance Program

    The BOMA 360 certification recognizes buildings in the US. BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) awards up to a total of 5 points for adding a pollinator habitat to a commercial building.

    Point breakdown

    • Earn up to 2 points for Rooftop Management by turning your unused roof space into a home for thousands of winged new tenants.
    • Add up to 2 points for Community Impact by holding events on or off your property to benefit your tenants and the larger community. As an Alvéole client, you’ll benefit from a selection of educational workshops delivered by your dedicated beekeeper.
    • Lastly, earn 1 point for Tenant and Occupant Relations/Communications by keeping your tenants informed about your buzzing new building amenity. Through the MyHive web app, your network can see exactly what your bees are up to!
  • BOMA BEST Certification

    BOMA BEST is the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification. Adding a rooftop beehive to a commercial building allows it to qualify for the certification by checking “YES” to BEST Practice #16: “Is an Occupant Environmental Communication Program in place at the building?”. BOMA Canada (Building Owners and Managers Association) awards up to 13 points for adding a rooftop beehive service to a commercial building.

    Point breakdown

    • Earn up to 6 points for Health & Wellness Innovation by installing a feature that simulates the natural environment in an area visible to as many occupants as possible. A beehive checks this box!
    • Earn up to 2 points in the Site section by demonstrating efforts being made to protect or restore the habitat for specific species.
    • Earn up to 5 points for Stakeholder Engagement by creating and promoting opportunities for occupants to contribute to the community. Our educational workshops will leave tenants inspired to take action to make their community a better place for pollinators.

  • Webinar replay: Building community post COVID-19

    Watch the conversation between Benjamin Shinewald, President & CEO of BOMA Canada and Alex McLean, CEO of Alvéole where they discuss how investing in community-building initiatives can drive increased asset value.

    Watch the webinar

  • What does a turnkey urban beekeeping package include?


  • • Installation, maintenance, and management of a honey bee hive, BeeHome (wild bee hotel), and bee-friendly garden

    • Social and environmental impact reports

    • Access to MyHive, our online platform with live updates about your hives

    • Jars of your own honey, customized with your company’s logo

    • Educational and engaging team building activities

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Ready to give your property’s sustainability strategy a boost?

Your building can play an important role in the movement towards greener cities! Learn more about how urban beekeeping can help you reach your sustainability certification goals by speaking with an Urban Beekeeping Advisor.

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