Reconnecting people to nature in cities

We install and care for beehives at businesses and schools, providing both an educational service and exceptional experience while helping people to fall in love with bees.
We discovered early on that the honey bee is a surprisingly powerful vehicle for connecting people to nature. An experience with a bee hive is a great starting point for a deeper environmental education - and education leads to inspiration, which in turn leads to action.

We’ve always been motivated by a single idea: that caring for bees will lead people to care for their environment. After all, we’re human beings - loving something is what sparks our need to protect it.
With team members and operations across most major Canadian and American cities, we work year-round to raise ecological awareness across North America. In 2018, we received our B Corp Certification, a testament to our efforts in generating positive economic, social and ecological impacts.

Since our foundation in 2013, we’ve put more than 50,000 people in touch with bees, creating a strong sense of connection to nature in cities.