Be in the 2017 Alvéole Beekeeping Calendar

For two consecutive years now, we have gone to great lengths to lay everything bare in our nude beekeeping calendars. Why? Well, it's to prove to you that bees are docile and that we can co-habitate with them.

This year, we are asking for your help to make the 2017 version of our calendar. Show us in your most creative way possible that bees are docile! Nudity is not a prerequisite: every idea counts!

How do you participate?

  1. Think of an original (and feasible!) photo concept that shows:
    • how docile bees are
    • how easy it is to cohabitate with bees
    • that bees are not dangerous
  2. Snap a picture with your phone or basic camera and send it our way. We only need you to illustrate (and describe if necessary) the idea for the selection process, so no bees for now!
  3. Send us your photo before September 25th at
    • Explain your concept in a few words and let us know of any additional information.
The 12 selected concepts will be featured in the Alvéole 2017 calendar, distributed worldwide!


Every winner featured in photographs will win the following prize valued at $300:
  • A professional photo session to create your photo for the calendar
  • A luxury box of Alvéole honey and products
  • Ten 2017 Alvéole calendars

Conditions and additional info

  • Contest is open to everybody residing in Quebec or Ontario.
  • If your concept is chosen, we'll get in touch during the week of September 26th to schedule the photoshoot.
    • The photoshoot will take place during October, depending on your availability.
  • If you do not have a beehive, that's OK! Take a photo of your idea anyway, with all the elements and a description of where the bees will be situated, and we will create the final photo with you.
  • We can bring beekeeping equipment, beekeeping clothes and accessories to the final photoshoot, so please indicate what you will need in the description of your concept.
  • Alvéole reminds you to not take any photos with bees if you do not have a professional beekeeper with you.
Get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have at Good luck and have fun creating!