Alvéole service

Do you offer the service where I live?
Alvéole covers all of Quebec and Ontario's community. To find out if we can travel to your city or dwelling, contact us!
Why do you rent the beekeeping material instead of selling it?
The first year, our hives are rented to offer you flexibility. The second year, you can buy the hive to strike out on your own, continue with our beekeeping service, or end the adventure without incurring penalties and without the burden of a beehive on your hands.

Urban beehives

How much space do I need?
A beehive does not require a lot of space. You should plan for 2 feet x 2 feet ( 61 cm by 61 cm) in a rarely used location. It is preferable to leave 6.5 feet (2 meters) in front of the hive to allow the bees to land. Alvéole's beekeepers will make sure to find the optimal spot for your hive before its installation.
What if my neighbours already have a hive?
Honeybee hives help each other out in many instances, such as with queen reproduction. To this day, cities still have a ton of unused green space to sustain new beehives.
I heard there are already too many beehives in the city. Is that true?
No it is not, although oversaturation is a problem that we may one day face. Through our App and our Oasis project, we endeavour to address these issues with solutions, not roadblocks.
Should I warn my neighbours about the hive?
We definitely recommend speaking to your neighbours about the project so that they better understand the process and the advantages of urban beekeeping. Once properly installed, a hive is completely inoffensive, and quite discrete. To date, all of our installations have gone over smoothly, and a jar of honey or two goes a long way in convincing a neighbour who might be on the fence!
What regulations exist around installing a hive?
A beehive must be placed 15 meters from a public road or private housing unit when on the ground. However, this rule does not apply to beehives on balconies or rooftops (and is rarely enforced for hives on the ground). It is usually very easy to find a spot for them. If you have any doubts, contact us.


What should I do with the 10 kg of honey?
The honey you receive can be a eaten immediately, given away or sold. Our operation is certified by government agencies. About thirty pots of honey can be made from a single beehive. It's a great end-of-summer reward!
Does urban honey have pollution in it?
Not at all! Strict anti-pesticide regulations apply to Montreal, Toronto and other large cities. We also test our honey every year to make sure it stays that way.


Can honeybees sting me, my family or my neighbours?
Contrary to wasps and hornets, honeybees are calm, docile and never sting unless they feel absolutely threatened. They tend to travel away from the hive (in a radius of about 5km), so they do not spend much time immediately next to the hive. Of course, our beekeepers ensure that all of our installations are safe and enjoyable.
I have small children. Should I be worried?
Many of our beekeeping clients have children, and we find that kids are often particularly fascinated by the presence of a beehive at their house, and benefit positively.
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