Beekeeping: bringing organizations together

We also set up and take care of bees in various organizations. Let's take a cue from the bees and work on our team spirit by encouraging local, micro-producers.


Adopt bees at your business:
  • Turnkey service package
  • Access to Alvéole's app to follow hive health
  • Jarring of your honey
  • Two workshops for employees:
    • Hive opening and queen discovery
    • Interactive honey extraction and tasting on site
Offer an innovative team-building experience for your employees with our professional and secure beehive installation service. Workshops are every two weeks, and scheduled to suit your needs.

In addition to contributing to a greener city, you will be taking concrete action against the decline in honeybee populations worldwide. The honey produced will help you celebrate the beehive, and can be an ideal gift for clients.
Bring bees to your business
Some of our partners


Included in the basic package for schools:
  • Participatory bundle
  • Turnkey service package
  • Jarring of your honey
  • Three workshops for students:
    • Theoretical class on bees and environment
    • Hive opening and queen discovery
    • Interactive honey extraction and tasting on site
Whether it's on a biological or social level, students find urban beekeeping to be an excellent way of understanding environmental issues. We have several projects with beehives in primary and secondary schools, as well as CEGEPs and universities.

During our many workshops, students are faced with the splendor of what is really going on inside a beehive, and learn the importance of what bees do. It is truly unforgettable to look at the fascinating societal world inside of honeybee colony.
Bring bees to your school

Social reintegration

“ Montreal's community takes care of l'Accueil. L'Accueil takes care of “the guys”. “The guys” take care of the bees. And the bees take care of life… What wonderful interconnectedness! ”

— Aubin Boudreau,
director of l'Accueil Bonneau
Miel de Bonneau is the result of a creative and engaging project focused on hope, socialization, skill development and self-esteem.

With Alvéole's help, the participants from l'Accueil Bonneau actively look after 16 beehives, getting involved at every step of the seasonal operation.. The honey is then sold to finance and help run daily operations.