Bring bees to school

Urban beekeeping is an unparalleled educational tool - each hive is an opportunity for your students to learn about biology, biodiversity, food production, entrepreneurship and more.

Experiences inspired by the bees’ team spirit

Installing a hive at your school gives students the opportunity to develop their team spirit over the course of our workshops, inspections and hive-related activities.
At the beginning of the season, we’ll bring our most docile breed of honey bees to your school. We’ll then visit your hives regularly to make sure your bees are happy and healthy.

Our educational package includes two workshops, engaging students directly with your bees and offering a hands-on, stimulating learning experience. At the end of the season, you’ll get 100 jars of your very own honey to share or sell at your next school event!

Bees are safe for organizations and schools alike

Since 2013, we’ve initiated beekeeping projects in over 500 organizations and 150 schools across North America, directly reaching over 50,000 people.
Don’t worry about stings - honey bees are not interested in the presence of humans. Their daily quest is to bring resources to their colony to ensure its development. Bees have no motivation to sting - if they do, they lose their stinger and a part of their abdomen, and die.

Plus, our team of professional beekeepers is trained in working at heights and in beekeeping safety. We’re also covered with full commercial general liability insurance.

Some of our partners

“I’ve become utterly fascinated by our bees, and was once one of those people who would run away from a bee. The fear has turned into curiosity and we now have teachers clamouring to have their classes take part in the various workshops that Alvéole offers.”

Lynn L'Esperance
Howard S Billings High School

Buildings are great for bees - let’s find them the perfect spot

Whether on a rooftop, balcony, terrace, communal space or internal courtyard - or simply at ground-level - we’ll assess your location to make sure the bees have safe clearance from ledges, human traffic or rooftop equipment. A well-planned project will have no adverse impact on your chosen space.

Book a demo with us to receive a free location certificate. You will then be able to discover the best place to install your hives according to your building’s unique needs and specificities.

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