Adopt Beehives in Sacramento With Alvéole

Alvéole is an urban beekeeping company, providing high engagement opportunities and supporting businesses in contributing to a sustainable future.

Adopting Beehives in Sacramento with Alvéole, Urban Beekeeping

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Reconnecting People With Nature in Cities

  • Un apiculteur d'Alvéole montre un cadre d'abeilles à un groupe de personnes lors d'un atelier.
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  • Your People

    1,600 of our clients have fallen in love with bees. Foster an engaging work environment with unique workshops and ultra-local brandable honey jars and give back to your community.

  • Une apicultrice Alvéole inspecte une ruche d'abeilles sur un toit à Toronto.
  • Your Property

    Become a sustainable leader in your industry with LEED, WELL, FitWell or BOMA certifications.

  • Une apicultrice Alvéole inspecte une ruche d'abeilles sur un toit à Toronto.
    Alveoles Bee Image Black and White
  • Un groupe d'abeilles
  • Our Planet

    Align our social and environmental initiatives to your ESG strategy.

Turnkey Services

Docile Honey Bees

Full Insurance Coverage

  • All our packages include:

    • Turnkey Service: from the beehive installation to care and maintenance and on-site visits;
    • Minimum of 100 jars of ultra-local honey harvest brandable with your logo;
    • A dedicated beekeeper;
    • Team-oriented, remote or in-person workshops (conferences and activities);
    • Access to a public-facing interactive online platform, showcasing your hive project and data;
    • Done-for-you marketing content.


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    Urban beekeeping is a fun and educational way to connect with tenants and bring awareness to our building community about our ongoing commitment to sustainability at every level.

    - Cortney Haney, Community Manager at Cushman & Wakefield

    The beekeepers from Alvéole are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, informative, and most of all passionate about what they do!

    - Uriah Paiva, General Manager - Bon Appétit Management

    Alvéole is a modernize amenity that will engage the team, tenants and keeping everyone well informed.

    - Daisy Sernas, Director of ConnectLA at Commonwealth