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    With 10 years of experience under our belt, we take every precaution to ensure implementing a safe turnkey bee service is worry-free for you and your organization.

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Benefits of working with a credible urban beekeeping partner

Alvéole offers fully turnkey services delivered by an experienced local team of professional beekeepers. We conduct regular audits of our services to ensure consistency, quality, and compliance with safety standards.

Safety compliance and
insurance coverage

We are compliant with occupational health and safety requirements and offer all clients complete liability insurance coverage.

Trained professional

Our beekeeping team takes part in rigorous and continuous safety training, including first aid and emergency response.

Secure hive

Before installing your hive, a site assessment will be conducted to ensure the location is suitable and all necessary precautions are taken.

  • What you can expect

    Keeping bees in the city requires additional precautions and responsibilities, which is why we take extensive safety measures to ensure our clients’ and employees’ safety.

    • Occupational health and safety compliance
    • Complete liability insurance
    • Trained beekeepers
    • Hive registration and quality assurance program
    • Site assessment

    Wondering what to look for when choosing the right urban beekeeping partner?

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A customized solution to meet your needs

Make an impact with a fully turnkey service.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Increase tenant retention with this easy-to-implement service.

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Corporate segment with Alvéole


Create a more engaging workplace – our turnkey service makes it simple.

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Schools with Alvéole


Give students a safe way to get hands-on with nature.

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Launch your sustainable bee program in 4 easy steps

Our team of specialists
will assess your needs

An urban beekeeping specialist will work with you to understand your goals, determine if your property is suitable for bees, discuss safety and insurance, and answer any questions you may have.

Hive and BeeHome installation, maintenance, and care

At the beginning of the beekeeping season, your dedicated beekeeper will install your hive and BeeHome. They will provide regular maintenance and care to ensure the bees stay happy and healthy.

Activate your MyHive page and schedule your team building activities

Share your MyHive page with your network so they can follow updates about your bees. Keep track of scheduled hive visits and book team building activities to maximize your community’s experience.

Celebrate the season’s end with ultra-local honey

Take part in a honey extraction with your team and taste the honey made by your own bees. Give your branded honey jars as sweet corporate gifts to spread the word about your bee program.

Answers to your questions
  • What insurance coverage do you offer?

    We offer all of our clients complete liability insurance including general commercial liability, automobile liability, umbrella liability, and workers compensation and employers liability.

  • Is urban beekeeping safe?

    Yes! At Alvéole, we work with a special breed of Italian honey bees selected for their docility. Honey bees are gentle creatures who (almost) never sting without reason. Unless they feel threatened, bees have no motivation to sting – in fact, once they sting, they lose their stinger along with a part of their abdomen, and die.

    Wild bees are as peaceful as honey bees. They technically can sting, but they don’t. Docile and non-territorial, they’re extremely gentle. Unless they’re being touched, they simply go about their business.

    Of course, beekeeping comes with additional responsibilities when practiced in the city. Choosing a good supplier is key – here’s what to look for when choosing an urban beekeeping partner.

  • How do I know if my building is a suitable place to install a beehive?

    We’re able to find a suitable location in 98% of cases. If you have doubts, we will perform a site assessment to confirm if your location is a safe and secure place for a hive.

  • Do tenants or employees need to be able to access the hive installation site?

    Not necessarily. All packages include remote or in-person workshops to form a connection between people and the bees, as well as access to an online, public-facing platform to share the project with your community.

    Of course, when the hive is accessible, people are welcome to observe their beekeeper during hive inspections.

  • What safety certifications do the beekeepers have?

    In addition to rigorous beekeeping training, our beekeepers have completed training in working at heights, working in heat, working alone, first aid/CPR and anaphylaxis, emergency response and fire prevention.

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