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    At Alvéole, we install honey bee hives in city centers all around North America (and now in Paris, too!). Our goal is to reconnect people in cities to nature through conferences, hands-on activities, and direct interactions with honey bees. We want to make people fall in love with honey bees, thereby changing their sense of responsibility towards their own environment and sparking a change to make cities a better place for all.

    All our turnkey urban beekeeping packages include:
    • Maintenance and hive management, delivered by a dedicated urban beekeeper;
    • Your own honey in jars personalized with your organization’s logo and colors;
    • A minimum of two virtual or in-person workshops.

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Three ways in which we help you engage with people

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  • Involving your employees and tenants in team-building activities

    Every bee project includes two hour-long talks, educational conferences and interactive activities, that aim to create a bridge between your team and honey bees. They also keep people engaged and invested in your urban beekeeping initiative, whether in-person or remotely.

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  • Connecting people via a real-time activity feed

    To keep tenants in the loop about all things hive-related, we've built a 'social media of bees', of sort. This centralized platform allows people to follow your bees through a real-time activity feed, featuring photos, videos, updates, bee data, foraging ranges, and so much more.

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  • Spreading the love (and the message) with corporate gifts

    Lip balms, soap bars, candles, and quarterly limited-edition bundles are made-to-order and labeled with your logo and colors. They make for perfect executive gifts or fundraising products.

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  • We create connection.

    By doing everything we can to reconnect people to nature in cities, we find ourselves reconnecting people to others, and to themselves as well. This leads to our clients creating unique, out-of-the-box opportunities to engage with people in-person or from home – increasing tenant and team happiness, wellbeing, and ultimately, retention.

    Initiatives like urban beekeeping help our clients attract and retain employees and tenants who care about the environment.

    - Hines - 2019 Sustainability Report
  • Safety, our top priority

    People – our clients, their tenants and employees, and our team – are at the very core of our service. We’re formally committed to prioritizing workplace health, safety, and wellbeing. Since 2013, we’ve installed thousands of hives at companies and schools across North America and Europe. As a result, we have our safety processes and procedures down to a fine art.

    • Working at heights certifications
    • Registration with the Department or Ministry of Agriculture
    • Full commercial liability insurance
    • Official certificate of location
    • Special honey bee selection
    • 20-step installation protocol

    Ask us about our safety procedures or let’s find the best location for bees at your building together.

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We're swarming to major North American and European cities to offer you worldwide possibilities.

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