Let's connect! workshops - Alvéole
  • Let’s discuss your needs together.

    Our urban beekeeping projects always includes educational workshops. These hour-long hands-on activities or inspiring conferences engage and connect people with their honey bees, whether in-person or virtually. Let’s find out together how urban beekeeping can help you meet your team-building, engagement, and sustainability goals.

    • Produce your own ultra local urban honey
    • Get access to unique corporate gifts and seasonal promotions
    • Bring people together around an awe-inspiring experience
    • Offer interactive, thought-provoking conferences and activities
    • Share your project with the world with a real-time interactive activity feed
    • Tell your story with the bees with customizable marketing tools
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    Kindly share your basic contact info with us so your local Urban Beekeeping Advisor can reach out to you.