• New biodiversity-focused solutions
    for Alvéole’s clients


    In an ongoing effort to cultivate greener cities, we’re expanding our services to offer more solutions focused on biodiversity and the conservation of pollinator habitats. We’re excited to launch two new services for the 2022 season, exclusively available to Alvéole clients.


    Discover them here:

    Wild Bee Service

    Cutting Garden

Wild bee hotel close up with Alvéole

Wild Bee Service

* For the 2022 season, this service is available in:
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, and Seattle.

Wild bee hotels provide a safe place for various solitary bee species to nest, while serving as a focal feature to help bring your outdoor space to life. Throughout the season, your community will have the opportunity to observe local bee species very closely, buzzing all around the hotel.

Why bring a wild bee hotel to your property?

  • Support your local pollinators and take action to prevent biodiversity loss
  • Add value to your ESG strategy and acquire green building certifications like LEED or BOMA with an annual Habitat Assessment Report
  • Give high visibility to your building’s sustainability efforts while educating and engaging your community

A picture of the wild bee hotel, a new service offered to Alvéole's clients.

What is included in the service?

  • A bee hotel and educational signage branded with your logo
  • Educational, team-building workshop
  • 100 DIY Seed Ball Kits branded with your logo
  • Monthly inspections by your dedicated beekeeper
  • End of year Habitat Assessment Report
  • Regular MyHive updates

*Bees are not included with the hotel. It acts as a safe space for local solitary bees, so they will come nest on their own.


Give back to protect pollinators

Part of the proceeds of the service is donated to Pollinator Partnership, a registered charity dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research.

Pollinator Partnership Canada

Have questions about this service? Let’s talk.

Cutting garden, a new service offered by Alvéole

Cutting Garden

* For the 2022 season, this service is available in: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver.

Cutting gardens are grown specifically for the purpose of cultivating, cutting and enjoying freshly harvested and arranged flowers. We choose varieties of flowers that are hardy, prolific, and grown to be cut so that we have all of the ingredients necessary to create beautiful bouquets that can be shared with tenants or displayed in lobbies and offices throughout your building.

Why have a cutting garden at your property?

  • Add value to your ESG strategy by creating an abundant food source for your honey bees and other local pollinators
  • Drive building attractiveness and tenant retention by transforming an under-utilized space into a beautiful flower garden
  • Offer your community a unique and engaging experience

Cutting garden activity on a rooftop in Toronto with the Alvéole team

What is included in the service?

  • Custom garden design
  • 15 lightweight planters and complete irrigation system
  • Weekly maintenance of the garden
  • 5 fresh flowers arrangements
  • 2 educational, team-building workshops

    The Alvéole team redefines beekeeping. We have been working side by side for the past year and it has been an amazing experience, from establishing our wild bee hotel where the solitary bees can nest and hibernate during their off-season, to maintaining and caring for our honeybee hive when our bees are hard at work. Their team of experts is always available to answer questions and educate through the various workshops they organize.

    - Abra Dzamesi, 1 Hotels, Toronto

    We appreciated the sustainability aspect of the initiative. Alvéole managed the garden throughout the season and provided informative monthly updates on the health of our garden. The highlight of the project for us was the floral arrangement team-building workshop with our tenants.

    -Atrium, who participated in Alvéole’s 2021 Cutting Garden Pilot Project.

Want to know if your building is suitable for these biodiversity services? Your dedicated specialist will get in touch with you.