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Meet the bees

Engage with your community through a unique program where they can interact with a real beehive, take part in educational team building activities, and connect with nature in the city.

Welcome local pollinators

Conserve wild bee habitat and bring awareness to these important pollinators, while tracking the program’s social impact on your community.

Track your impact

Use scientific data collected by your bees
to monitor and increase biodiversity
around your property.

Package details

Meet the
Welcome local
Track your
SERVICES Honey bee hive 1 beehive 1 branded beehive 1 branded beehive
BeeHome for wild bees 2 BeeHomes 2 BeeHomes
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Team building activities & events 1 2 3
MyHive platform x x x
Educational signage x x
Honey 100 honey jars with
branded labels
100 honey jars with
custom-designed labels
100 honey jars with
custom-designed labels
Communications kit x x x
Engagement report x x
Environmental report x
INSURANCE Complete general & automobile liability x x x
Compliance & invoicing platforms x x

* Not included: installation fees

Answers to your questions
  • When is the best time of year to launch my bee program?

    The beekeeping season varies depending on the region and climate. Our team will be able to advise you on the best time to start your program in your region. Learn more in the commercial and office building’s guide to a beekeeping season.

  • Can I switch packages?

    Yes! Our packages are designed to guide our clients on their sustainability journey. As your needs and goals change, you are welcome to switch to a different package at any time.

  • Is insurance coverage provided?

    All packages include complete general and automobile liability insurance. Learn more about our insurance and safety measures.

  • Can I add additional activities and events (eg: workshops, information kiosks) to my package?

    Yes, you can coordinate with your beekeeper to purchase additional workshops.

  • I need more than 100 jars of honey - can I buy more?

    Yes, extra jars of honey can be purchased through our product catalog.

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