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Bees bring people together. Unite your community with unforgettable events, interactive amenities, and a dedication to nature that everyone can get behind.

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Tenant workshops

From beekeeping 101 to bottling your own honey, you’ll have everything you need to make your next building event unforgettable. Led by your beekeeper, every workshop can be tailored to suit any audience.

Honey bee hive

We’ve watched over a million people fall head over heels for their bees. Connection to the honey bees leads to a stronger sense of belonging and ownership of the building.

for wild bees

Give wild bees a safe place to nest and give your tenants a chance to connect with nature. Install BeeHomes in high foot traffic areas and encourage tenants to open up the observation drawers and watch the bees build their nests.

Tenant engagement platform

The MyHive platform keeps your tenants and community engaged near or far. Get updates on the bees shared by your beekeeper, keep track of upcoming hive visits, and book workshops.

Engagement report

See the quantifiable impact of your bee program. Include these metrics in your ESG report to showcase your organization’s role in spreading environmental awareness.

Branded jars
of honey

There’s no sweeter tenant appreciation gift than honey from your own hive, served up in a custom-branded jar.

Client success stories


730 Third Avenue – Nuveen

“Tenant experience has skyrocketed… who knew our tenants loved learning about our bees so much!”
– Jasmine Czarnecki, Assistant Property Manager

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JLL: FIVE Houston Center

“We want to build a comfortable, collaborative space that everyone enjoys coming to. You can’t experience something like urban beekeeping from home!”
– Scott Talbert, General Manager

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Veris Residential

“The bee program allows our residents to interact with our sustainability programs. It’s all about educating the residents and connecting them to our initiatives in the best way we can.”
– Abbey Renaud, Senior Corporate Communications Manager

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Frequently asked questions

You can choose from nine different one-hour workshops, ranging from an introduction to bees to a hands-on honey extraction. They can be adapted for any group or setting, including workplaces, schools, retirement homes, and beyond!

Not necessarily. All packages include workshops to form a connection between people and the bees, as well as access to an online platform where updates about the bees are shared.

Of course, when the hive is accessible, people are welcome to observe their beekeeper during hive inspections.

No, it won’t. We work with the Italian honey bee, known for its docility. Honey bees are gentle creatures who (almost) never sting without reason. Unless they feel threatened, bees have no motivation to sting. In fact, once they sting, they lose their stinger along with a part of their abdomen and die.

Wild bees are peaceful as well. Docile and nonterritorial, they’re extremely gentle. This is why we encourage people to interact with the BeeHomes, observing the bees up close.

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