Contrary to popular belief– and to unfounded fears – almost any building can host a hive. But to truly take advantage of your urban beekeeping experience and keep your bees happy, you’re best to get the help of a qualified, experienced partner. After all, beekeeping in the city comes with additional responsibilities, especially if you own or manage a commercial building. That’s why choosing the right supplier is key. So to help you make your final call and ask the right questions along the way, we’re tallied up a list of things to look for in your ideal urban beekeeping partner.

7 key factors to choosing the best urban beekeeping company

  1. Turnkey Services
  2. Experienced Teams
  3. Local Facilities
  4. Proper Insurance and Certifications
  5. Adapted Facilities
  6. Local Knowledge
  7. Free Quotes and Evaluations
  • Turnkey Services

    Contrary to rural beekeeping, urban hives require far more than the occasional opening of the hive and check-in on the bees. That’s why an amateur beekeeper won’t do; it’s so important to go with a professional provider that has the experience, tools and expertise you need to keep your bees safe and healthy in a city setting. If you pick the right partner, they’ll be able to take on everything from installation to maintenance, customer service, public education, workshops, external promotions, customized honey branding and the creation of hive-derived products. Though few beekeeping companies provide all of those services while keeping a particular emphasis on education, we believe they’re all essential to maximizing your impact, engagement levels, and investment. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to offer the full range of services needed to support and grow our urban beekeeping communities.

Experienced Teams

The urban beekeeper’s main mission is to ensure the well-being of urban colonies across the city while creating opportunities to build public awareness about our delicate ecosystem. Before you know it, hive inspections can quickly become full-blown conferences between you and the neighbours in your building, so you’ll need a partner at the ready with an experienced, passionate, communicative and skilled team that’s eager to fill you in.

Did you know?

At Alvéole, our beekeepers are taught to go above and beyond, and are even trained to teach and speak publicly. That’s because beyond providing sustainable beekeeping practices,  we include educational workshops and conferences in all of our packages. Learn More

  • Local Facilities & Knowledge

    Whether it be for a workshop, a hive visit, swarm management or problem-solving, you should be able to count on a local partner who can respond to your needs in a timely manner. That’s why we have local beekeeping teams including a downtown warehouse and an extraction facility across 14 cities. That way, we’re always nearby and ready to keep your bees happy, healthy, and productive.

    Any partner worth their weight in honey will have an in-depth understanding of local regulations concerning the presence and maintenance of a hive in your urban geographic region. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to discuss the regulations in place and validate that your partner has all of your bases covered.


Adapted Facilities

Urban beekeeping involves a whole slew of very specialized equipment and facilities: adapted trucks, certified urban honey houses, extraction and honey-jarring equipment, housing and storage space – the list goes on. To avoid any complications, choose a partner that’s properly and professionally set up in your city with the right equipment and certifications to make sure the season rolls out smoothly.

Required Insurance and Certification

Beekeeping in the city is certainly safe, but it does come with additional insurance responsibilities – especially if those bees are in regular contact with the public. To stay compliant and safe, make sure your beekeeping partner has the full commercial liability insurance required for your building.


Free Hive Certificates and Quotes

Once you think you’ve found your ideal partner, we recommend you kick-start your collaboration by requesting a free building evaluation. A good partner will evaluate your needs and provide the best hive locations for your building. If you turn out to be a good candidate for urban beekeeping in your building, your partner should be able to provide a quick and customized quote that truly fits the scope and particularities of your unique project.

Did you know that Alvéole can provide you with a free location certificate? Learn more.

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