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    A simple and ecological team-building amenity

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One of the simplest, most people-focused ecological initiatives that businesses and organizations of all kinds can implement involves honey bees. Urban beekeeping has become a sought-after and desirable amenity that positively contributes to retention by providing high engagement opportunities.

  • Honey bees thrive in cities

    Whether on a rooftop, balcony, terrace, communal space, or internal courtyard – or simply at ground-level – we’ll assess your location to make sure honey bees have safe clearance from ledges, human traffic, or rooftop equipment. A well-planned project brings only benefits to your building.

    All our turnkey urban beekeeping packages include:

    • maintenance and hive management delivered by a dedicated urban beekeeper;
    • your own honey in jars personalized with your organization’s logo and colors;
    • and a minimum of two virtual or in-person workshops.
An urban beekeeper talk to a group of people during a workshop on the green rooftop of SSQ.

You’re in good company

Start your employee engagement program today with urban beekeeping!

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