Put employee experience first with a unique engagement program

Offer employees an attractive and meaningful workplace experience and showcase your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Quiz: Is your building suitable for bees?


    Make your team excited to come to the office

    Memorable team building activities and an interactive online platform are proven tools to attract and retain talent.

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    Improve your social and environmental impact

    Track and improve your company’s social and environmental impact with the help of annual reports, showcasing your efforts to employees and customers.

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Connecting cities to nature through engaging and impactful initiatives

You want to have a positive environmental impact and we’re here to help. All of our services are professionally maintained, meaning we’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can fall in love with your bee-friendly space.

Bee-friendly services

Turn your property into a
welcoming space for all bees.
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Community engagement

Connect with your community and
bond over your nature-based program.
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Data & science

Invest in your ESG performance
and support bee habitat.
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Get inspired to do more
for the environment through
team building activities.
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Showcase your bee program
with jars of ultra-local
urban honey to share.
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Safety & insurance

Rest easy – you’re covered by full
commercial general liability insurance
and we have all necessary
safety certifications.
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  • Why Alvéole is the right partner for companies who want to meet their sustainability and employee engagement goals

    We dream of greener and more resilient cities and communities. By working together, we can make it happen.

  • ✓ We’ve installed beehives at over 2000 businesses around North America & Europe since 2013

    Over the last decade, we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact bees have on cities and communities.

    ✓ We’re B Corp & 1% for the Planet certified

    We’re determined to use business as a force for good, and a force for change.

    ✓ Education and engagement is at the heart of what we do

    Our primary goal is to bring people together, make them fall in love with bees, and change their perspective on the world around them.

A few of our corporate clients


      Ebook: How to Support Return-to-Office With Nature-Based Solutions

      Discover the top factors employees look for in a workplace and how nature-based solutions can meet these needs.

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      The commercial and office building’s guide to a beekeeping season

      All the key moments of an urban beekeeping season and the countless opportunities you and your team will have to get involved, engaged, and excited.

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      Myth busting: are beehives on office buildings dangerous?

      Short answer: no. Once people get a better understanding of honey bees, they are quick to fall in love and enjoy all the benefits of hosting a hive.

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