Inspire the next generation of environmental ambassadors

Give your students the chance to get hands-on with nature. A nature-based bee program offers endless opportunities for cross-curricular educational exploration, with direct connections to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Offer an immersive and unforgettable learning experience

    During visits from your beekeeper and educational workshops, students will have the opportunity to connect with the flora and fauna surrounding them, even in the city.

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    Cultivate a greener community

    By educating students about the importance of preserving biodiversity, your school can play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of environmental changemakers.

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    Stand out from the crowd

    This innovative initiative can help attract and inspire current and potential students, as well as parents and staff.

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Connecting cities to nature through engaging and impactful initiatives

You want to have a positive impact on the environment and your students, and we’re here to help. All of our services are professionally maintained, meaning we’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can embrace your journey towards a more bee-friendly city.

Bee-friendly services

Turn your school into a
welcoming space for all bees.
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Community engagement

Connect with your community and
bond over your nature-based program.
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Environmental reporting

Measure and improve your
sustainability performance
and support bee habitat.
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Get inspired to do more
for the environment through
educational activities.
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Showcase your bee program
with jars of ultra-local
urban honey to share.
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Safety & insurance

Rest easy – you’re covered by full
commercial general liability insurance
and we have all necessary
safety certifications.
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  • Why Alvéole is the right partner for schools that want to make an impact

    We dream of greener and more resilient cities and communities. Through environmental education, we can make it happen.

  • ✓ We’ve installed beehives at over 150 schools around North America & Europe since 2013

    Over the last decade, we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact bees have on cities and communities.

    ✓ We believe in the power of education

    As social beekeepers, we put education first. We use bees as a tool to spark deeper conversations about the environment and the impact of our actions.

    ✓ We’re committed to your safety

    We work with a special breed of honey bee known for its docility. Our team of professional beekeepers are trained to ensure a safe, secure, and fun experience for all.

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      How buildings can benefit from urban beekeeping

      Discover the positive environmental and social impact bees can have on your building and your community.

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Ready to launch a nature-based bee program at your school?

Bring this unique educational experience to your school and make a real impact.

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