June 2024 Webinar Recording

Future-proofing commercial real estate: Maximizing tenant engagement and sustainability with Alvéole

Hosted by Étienne Lapierre (Cofounder & VP Strategic Partnerships) and Christopher Bardos (VP Product), this webinar is an ideal way to get a closer look at the value these solutions bring to commercial buildings – as well as a glimpse into future innovations.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can leverage bees to attract and engage tenants.
  • Support for ESG/sustainability initiatives and biodiversity monitoring.
  • Integration with green building certifications like BOMA Best, BOMA 360, Fitwel, and GRESB.
  • Future trends in commercial real estate and upcoming innovations from Alvéole.


Meet the speakers

Étienne Lapierre

CoFounder & VP Strategic Partnerships,

Étienne is the cofounder and VP of Strategic Partnerships at Alvéole. He oversees a team of over 200 professionals implementing nature-based solutions in commercial buildings. His leadership drives Alvéole’s innovative, tech-driven solutions promoting pollinator wellbeing and aligning with the CRE industry.

Christopher Bardos

VP of Product,

Christopher Bardos is the VP of Product at Alvéole, leading a team to optimize current products and innovate new solutions for the commercial real estate industry. His strategic vision and expertise keep Alvéole at the forefront of market trends and client needs.

Looking for more details on how Alvéole’s nature-based solutions can help you obtain a green building certification?

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