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    Low occupancy, high engagement! A discussion about initiatives that keep tenants engaged and connected to their building – even from a distance. If you’ve also been hard-at-work keeping people engaged and connected to their workplace during COVID, watch our webinar full of inspiration and connection featuring professionals who share similar challenges.

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  • Low occupancy, high engagement!

    As COVID’s been keeping tenants and their employees far from their workplace, some busy bees have been working hard in the past year to keep them engaged and connected to their building, even remotely.

    How did our speakers foster meaningful connection remotely? What challenges did they face and what solutions did they come up with? Which initiatives generated the most buzz from their tenants and employees? (On top of their bee project, of course!) And how do they foresee the next couple of months, with tenants slowly coming back to work in-person?

    Alvéole’s CEO Alex Mclean hosted this candid conversation about the challenges of engaging with, retaining, and contributing to tenants’ workplace experience during this extended work-from-home period.

    Invited speakers:
    Marina Ribeiro, Communications Manager at GWL, Calgary
    Jessie Hoffman, Assistant Property Manager at Piedmont Office Realty Trust, Chicago