• Urban beekeeping in Philadelphia

    Philadelphia is no stranger to urban bees. In fact, the city has been hosting rooftop beehives since 1914. It comes as no surprise that the most commonly used beehive model in the country was designed by a Philly native. With its East to West streets even named after trees like walnut, chestnut, and spruce, the city’s pollinators feast on a wide variety of white clover, linden trees, and Japanese knotweed.

  • Meet Philadelphia's urban beekeeping team manager

    Wynn began his beekeeping journey in Philadelphia at the age of 15 and served on the executive board of the Philadelphia Beekeeper’s Guild. His passion for design brought him to study Industrial Design, with a concentration in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies, at The Rhode Island School of Design, before joining Alvéole in 2020.

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