The Urban Beekeeping Company | Alvéole
  • Bring honey bees to your building with Alvéole, the urban beekeeping company

    Install honey bee hives on your rooftop with Alvéole’s turnkey urban beekeeping service, and increase engagement and sustainability at your business, school, or organization.

  • Honey bee hives: engaging and sustainable urban amenities

    Urban beekeeping brings people together around an awe-inspiring experience through interactive, thought-provoking conferences and activities that allow for deeper conversations about sustainability.

    Affordable and easy to implement, this sustainable solution inspires people and organizations to do better and do more for the environment, with the added benefit of producing ultra local urban honey – a sweet tool to help embark your network and community along with you on your journey.

Create hive mind with a meaningful experience of connection

Your turnkey experience with honey bees

  • Honey-bee-hive-installation-care-and-maintenance
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  • Honey bee hive installation, care, and maintenance

    Alvéole's urban beekeeping service includes the installation and care of honey bees at your building, and all required certifications, accreditations, and insurances.

  • Workshops and team-building activities with Alvéole
  • Team-building conferences and interactive activities

    Every urban beekeeping project includes educational workshops. These hour-long hands-on activities or inspiring conferences engage and connect people with their honey bees, whether in-person or virtually.

  • Workshops and team-building activities with Alvéole
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  • Customized ultra local urban honey harvest
  • Customized ultra local urban honey harvest

    Each hive yields dozens of jars of unique honey, extracted and jarred manually at our certified facilities, and labeled with your logo and custom colors.

    Discover the Alvéole advantage

    • Dedicated urban beekeeper

      When we collect feedback from our clients, nearly all of them make a point of highlighting their strong connection with their urban beekeeper. An experienced and passionate beekeeper acts as your point-person for the entire season.

    • Customized corporate gifts

      Lip balms, soap bars, candles, and quarterly limited-edition bundles are made-to-order and labeled with your logo and colors. They make for perfect executive gifts or fundraising products.

    • Real-time honey bee hive updates

      Alvéole’s custom-made ‘social media for honey bees’ allows people to follow your project through a real-time activity feed, featuring posts, photos, videos, data, and much more.

    • Done-for-you marketing tools

      We help you tell your unique story with the bees with marketing tools to facilitate spreading the word, as well as educational signage to increase the visibility of your bee project.

Clients bringing bees to cities

    “We have implemented a number of initiatives to promote sustainable best practices across the portfolio and in every facet of our operations. Crown (Realty Partners) is committed to being a leader in the field while continuing to learn and improve our efforts and partnerships.”

    - Director PM, Crown Realty Partner (Toronto)

    "There’s a reason we’re doing this: by adopting honeybees, we are helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the subtle wonders of nature."

    - Mid-America (Chicago)

    “As we work to lighten our environmental footprint, Independence’s support of urban beehives presents a unique opportunity to positively impact the surrounding ecosystem by repurposing unused space.”

    - Senior Vice President, IBX (Philly)