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  • Urban Beekeeping in Chicago

    Known for its world-class architecture and brawling history, Chicago is also home to  a community of bees that are just as tough, ambitious, and resilient as the hard-working citizens in the city. Peppered with everything from mountain mint to milkweed, goldenrod, and thistle, Chicago’s windy streets are no match for the city’s industrious pollinators and expert honey makers.

  • Meet our urban beekeeping team manager in the city of Chicago

    Travis grew up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee but eats a Chicago-style hotdog every single day to help assimilate into the local culture. He began beekeeping while he was serving with the Peace Corps in West Africa, and he continues to delight in the work of introducing friendly humans to friendly honey bees and their magnificent beehives, to try and inspire some new beekeepers, in this incredible city.

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