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    We are committed to offering our clients the highest quality service. That’s why we partner with leading experts in pollinator preservation, biomonitoring technology, and urban agriculture.

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Wild bee partners


Wildbiene+Partner empowers individuals and businesses to support native bees and foster a healthier and more biodiverse future.

We work with Wildbiene+Partner to bring their state-of-the-art BeeHome Pro to properties around the world. This structure provides solitary wild bees with a safe place to nest and helps prevent habitat loss.

Environmental reporting partners


Apilab is an international research bureau specializing in environmental monitoring using honey bees. Their technical expertise focuses on assessing the impact of human activities on the environment and bee health.

Apilab analyzes samples taken from Alvéole hives to gather insights on the level and quality of biodiversity in the area. This data also contributes to large-scale research on pollinator protection.

Bee-friendly garden partners

Green City Growers

Green City Growers is a mission-driven urban farming company transforming underutilized spaces into biodiverse landscapes. The company manages over 200 unique farm and garden locations throughout the Northeast.

Partnership services offered in Boston and New York City.

Ginkgo Sustainability

Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. connects nature and the built environment through the installation of living roofs in the spaces where we live, work, and play. At the forefront of environmentally sustainable construction for over 10 years, Ginkgo has become the largest green roof installer in Canada.

Partnership services offered in Toronto and Vancouver.

Urban Seedling

Urban Seedling creates an easy and enjoyable gardening experience for all. They believe that locally grown food is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and sustainable community.

Partnership services offered in Montreal.

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