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From increased property value, to tenant attraction, and public reputation, there are many reasons property managers should pursue green building certifications. At this webinar, you’ll gain insights from industry experts, break down the ways nature-based solutions can bring value, and take a step towards a future of more sustainable buildings.

You’ll learn:

  • How green building certifications impact property value
  • How to determine which certification is right for your property
  • The criteria for achieving and maintaining top green building certifications
  • How to market your property’s green building certification to attract tenants and investors

Meet the speakers

Ben Stapleton

Executive Director, U.S. Green Building Council,
Los Angeles Chapter

Ben is focused on leveraging the built environment to create a more sustainable society for all. As Executive Director, he advances USGBC-LA’s mission to transform how buildings are designed, constructed, and operated through LEED, the world’s most widely used green building system.

Breana Wheeler

Director of Operations,

Breana oversees the deployment of BREEAM in the US, the world’s first science-based suite of certification systems for a sustainable built environment. Millions of buildings use BREEAM’s holistic approach to achieve ESG, health, and Net Zero goals.

Marie-Cloé LeBlanc

Sales Team Manager,

Guiding the discussion is our own Marie-Cloé, part of the Alvéole colony since 2019. She spends her days introducing the wonderful world of bees to businesses, organizations, and schools. On weekends, you’ll find her with her nose deep in a flower bush cheering on our hard working urban pollinators.

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