Honey bees have a superpower: they’re incredible at bringing people together, fostering child-like curiosity, and allowing for deeper conversations about sustainability. Follow us as we tour the Maison Manuvie Building in Montréal, a co-property of Ivanhoé Cambridge with our CEO Alex Mclean and Emily, beekeeper extraordinaire. 

Beekeeping as an engaging tenant amenity


    Learn more about bees, urban beekeeping, risk management, and successful projects.

    In this guide, you’ll find:

    • The basic principles and benefits of urban agriculture;
    • All about the honey bee and other pollinators;
    • How innovative building owners use beehives to improve tenant experience and retention;
    • The cycles and stages of a typical beekeeping season and a hive install;
    • How to find and identify your ideal urban beekeeping supplier.

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