Our urban centers are always full of little havens in the form of green spaces. These have many benefits for city dwellers – humans and pollinators alike! Not only do they help reduce heat islands (offering welcome relief in a subtropical climate like Texas), but they also allow everyone to breathe easier – visually and literally. Here’s what Texas Trees Foundation is doing and how our Dallas team lent a hand to help them plant 90 trees.


    Some urban green spaces could use more trees or acreage, and that’s the mission of Texas Trees Foundation. They plant trees to make existing green spaces more dense, or create new ones by adding trees along public roads and on school properties with their Cool Schools project. In addition to creating and expanding Texas’ urban forests, the organization also encourages the public to do the same through educational programs that aim to raise awareness about protecting these green spaces for future generations.


This was the project that first caught the eye of Rock Delliquanti and Michelle Winter, members of our Dallas team, as they scoured the directory of local green initiatives, looking for the perfect 1% for the Planet partner. They were struck by Texas Trees Foundation and felt their goal resonated with Alvéole’s. In the fall of 2021, our two Texas team members volunteered for one project in particular: planting over 90 native trees on the grounds of Anson Jones Elementary School. Most of the students were there to lend a hand and green up their school…in addition to spending time outside of the classroom for a good cause that would continue to positively impact them each day!

“The project went well! There were volunteers from multiple organizations that came out to help with the process. Over 95 trees were planted all across their property – in and around outdoor fields, place spaces, near parking lots, and around and between the buildings of the school itself. We got to work with a majority of the student body to help plant trees, move dirt, and get outside which many of them seemed very grateful for!”

– Rock Delliquanti, Lead Beekeeper in Dallas (Texas)


    The Cool Schools project was such a success, Rock anticipates more collaborations with the organization in the future. These projects will take place in the fall and winter, as summer is synonymous with intense heat waves in Texas. Just as our bees take a break during this time and stay isolated in the hive to keep the colony cool (with a little help from their beekeepers), our Dallas team will jump back into action when the weather improves.

What exactly are urban forests, and what purpose do they serve?

Urban forestry consists of the sustained planning, planting, protection, maintenance, management, and care of trees, forests and green spaces in cities as well as communities for economic, environmental, social, and public health benefits. Urban forests are trees, forests, and greenspaces in areas extending from the urban core to the urban-rural fringe.
[Source : Canada Tree]


    In 2021, Alvéole joined 1% for the Planet, an international movement of organizations that donate 1% of their annual sales to nonprofits working to protect the environment.

    To support green initiatives, we’ve chosen to team up with nonprofit environmental organizations in every city where our bees buzz.

    Stay tuned! Every month, we’ll introduce you to one of our partners and tell you how they’re changing the world.