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Bring bees to your home or business with the help and care of Alvéole.

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Produce your own honey

Install a hive on your rooftop, on your balcony or in your backyard and learn about beekeeping with the help of the Alvéole team.

Host a hive with Alvéole

Whether it's to get practical beekeeping experience, to pollinate your neighbourhood or to produce honey as a family, there are countless reasons why hosting can be beneficial – and even fun!

Find the ideal location for the installation of your hive with the help of our team. By the very next day, the bees will already be out polinating the flowers in your neighborhood.


Choose a support bundle adapted to your needs. During our visits you will learn all the key steps to caring for your bees.


Harvest 10 kg of honey from your hive. The extraction is done artisanaly at Alvéole's honey house and we encourage you to participate in the process, be it solo or with family!

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For the more advanced

Learn more about the Pro service
Benefit from access to support and customized advice from Alvéole's team no matter where you are, Canada-wide. As the season progresses, receive the necessary feedback and advice specified for your region, always with an educational approach. Our entire team is at your disposition: there's never a bad question!
Support every day

Contact us anytime between 9 AM and 6 PM by phone, SMS or email and you will get support within that day. You can even send photos and videos of your hive!

12 months of unlimited service

Subscribe to our service at anytime throughout the year and receive 12 months of service with unlimited access to communication with our team, no matter where you live.

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Broaden your experience with our bi-monthly newsletter filled with personnalized advice, tips and tricks on managing your hive. Also gain acess to our online educational platform with detailed videos and articles about various different beekeeping operations. There's never too much to learn!

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