• Five team-building activities to engage teams remotely

    We’ve made it through 2020 and into a new year, and your team could probably use a bit of morale boost to get everyone motivated for the year to come. Keeping teams engaged and connected to one another can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when everyone is working from home in their newly improvised home offices. Yet keeping engagement high isn’t simply the nice thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do for your business, reducing turnover by up to 65 percent and increasing profitability by up to 22%. So to help you get inspired, we went digging around for some innovative and eco-friendly team-building ideas we think you’ll love.

Help everyone find their zen with a lunch-time mediation session

Let’s face it: working from home amidst a global pandemic can be stressful, and we could all use an excuse to disconnect. With tools like the Headspace app, you can easily coordinate a team mediation session that helps everyone take a deep breath. And if sitting still isn’t your thing, they even offer walking meditations meant to calm you down as you wander around.


Catch up with a virtual wine and cheese

Workplace bonding and ingenious brainstorming often happen away from our desks and meetings, but those vital casual interactions can feel like a rarity in the virtual workspace. An after-work wine and cheese lets everyone reconnect over their favorite snacks and beverages. In fact, along with a few timely topics, your selection of wine alone can make for great conversation fodder. Stream some upbeat background music and turn the home-office lights down low to toast a successful project, a major birthday, or simply the end of a busy week.


Get to know one another by taking a personality test together

Work-friendly personality tests are a fascinating and fun way to celebrate the variety of perspectives within your own team. With tools like Nova and True Colors, profile results get colleagues talking about what they have in common while shedding light on their unique strengths. Be it their communication skills or their management style, results often reveal previously unknown aptitudes that can benefit everyone.


Host your very own game of Jeopardy!

Few things bolster engagement like a dose of healthy competition. And sure, there are countless board games you can now play online with your team, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more personalized? With this customizable Jeopardy!® game by TeamBonding, you can enjoy the cult classic and test your team’s knowledge, giving everyone a chance to show off their chops while identifying opportunities for training and skill-building along the way.


Get to know your local bees

If your team is looking for a longer-term project that keeps people connected and engaged with broader themes of sustainability, teaming up with an organization like Alvéole to install an urban beehive atop or around your office building can be a great idea. Even as everyone works remotely, they’ll be able to tune in to virtual workshops and get the latest bee updates through our handy MyHive portal. In fact, some of our clients have even installed bee cams that allow teams to tune in to the live stream anytime, with many people telling us they find the buzzing bees to be fascinating and soothing. Make an appointment with an Urban Beekeeping Advisor to find out whether your building is a good fit.

Whether your team is all about fun and games or can’t wait to host a beehive (or both!), set the tone for 2021 with inspiring team-building activities that bring people together even when they’re apart.