We’re all familiar with honey bees, those busy little neighbors in our gardens and flower boxes. But did you know they have more than 25,000 pollinator cousins? Alvéole and Pollinator Partnership are working together to support all pollinator species across North America.

  • Why do pollinators need our help

    Over the years, with the expansion of urban centers, monocultures have become increasingly prevalent in the agriculture industry to meet the ever-growing demand. The primary threat to all pollinators is our collective dependance on an agro-industrial system that devotes large areas of land to the intensive cultivation of a single plant species, eliminating biodiversity.

    Pollinators are responsible for pollinating 90% of flowering plants by moving pollen from flower to flower – that makes up more than a third of everything that ends up on our plates at every meal! Farmers therefore rely on pollination services provided by commercial beekeepers (who are also facing significant challenges that deserve our attention). We have a crucial need for pollinators, but our expansion has led to the loss of much of their natural habitat.

  • Meet Pollinator Partnership

    To help pollinators, we must transition towards environmentally friendly agriculture, ban the use of pesticides, and promote biodiversity. The trend of the last few years is moving in this direction, but like any transition, it’s a long process.

    Pollinator Partnership is dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research. They have launched several initiatives to help raise community awareness, including Pollinator Week, which we look forward to celebrating every year and which continues to grow in popularity. They’ve also created a variety of ecoregional planting guides for anyone who wants to help pollinators by improving their surrounding plant diversity, whether it’s several acres or a pollinator-friendly urban garden. They also offer training and other initiatives to support pollinators across North America.

Alvéole, helping all bees and pollinators

Like any non-profit organization, Pollinator Partnership needs funds to carry out their mission – and that’s where Alvéole comes in! Devon Doane, New Services Project Manager at Alvéole, sees it as a natural collaboration since we are active in many cities across North America.

“With our Wild Bee Hotel Program, we wanted to be able to give back to the greater pollinator world while recognizing that it’s impossible to do it all with one service. We decided to support an organization that is already doing this on a large scale, and Pollinator Partnership is the largest non-profit supporting pollinators in North America – it just made sense!”

– Devon Doane, New Services Project Manager, Alvéole

  • Raising awareness, one bee hotel at a time

    This is why we created a new service to provide pollinators with a safe urban habitat: Bee Hotels! A portion of the proceeds from each bee hotel sold is donated to Pollinator Partnership to support their work in protecting and restoring pollinator habitat. We also share their pollinator-friendly planting guides with our clients when they want to go the extra mile to support these little creatures who give us so much…far more than just honey!

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