Turn your property into a welcoming space for bees

    For such small creatures, bees make a big impact. This easy to implement, sustainable solution inspires communities
    and organizations to do more for the environment. Through an engaging and educational experience, our aim is to make more people fall in love with all bees and take action to protect them.

    Quiz: Is your building suitable for bees?

  • Bring your community together with an inspiring and sustainable program

    Reconnect your employees, tenants, and customers with nature in the city through an urban beekeeping program.


    ✔️ Create meaningful and educational experiences

    Bond over your unique bee experience and raise environmental awareness with engaging team building activities.

    ✔️ Improve your property’s environmental impact

    Support pollinator populations, earn points towards green building certifications, and measure your sustainable impact through data collected by your own bees.

    ✔️ Green up your neighborhood

    Receive bee-friendly planting recommendations based on scientific data from your own hive.

Your unique bee experience

This sustainable program promotes the protection of both honey bees and wild bees. Discover the fascinating
world of urban beekeeping while also contributing to safer habitats for all pollinators.

Team building activities

Bond over your bee program and connect with your employees, tenants, or community members.

Honey bee hive installation and care

We install your branded beehive and provide regular beekeeping maintenance and management throughout the season.

BeeHome installation and maintenance

Provide solitary bees with a safe place to nest and help prevent habitat loss.

Dedicated urban beekeeper

Your beekeeper is there to answer all your questions and ensure the health and happiness of your bees.

Real-time updates

Follow updates about your bees’ health provided by your beekeeper via our interactive online platform, MyHive.

Visibility and marketing tools

Spread the word about your corporate sustainability program with brandable and eco-friendly corporate gifts and ready-to-use marketing tools.

Customized ultra local urban honey harvest

A sweet benefit of hosting honey bees on your property: delicious jars of honey at the end of each season.

Bee-friendly garden consultation

Create a bee-friendly oasis by following planting recommendations based on data from your hive.

    There’s a reason we’re doing this: by adopting honey bees, we are helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the subtle wonders of nature.

    - Mid-America (Chicago)

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    As we work to lighten our environmental footprint, Independence’s support of urban beehives presents a unique opportunity to positively impact the surrounding ecosystem by repurposing unused space.

    - Senior Vice President, IBX (Philly)

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    We have implemented a number of initiatives to promote sustainable best practices across the portfolio and in every facet of our operations. Crown (Realty Partners) is committed to being a leader in the field while continuing to learn and improve our efforts and partnerships.

    - Director PM, Crown Realty Partner (Toronto)

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A customized solution to meet your needs

Impact your corporate sustainability management plan.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Repurpose unused space on your property to stand out from the crowd and increase tenant retention.

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Corporate segment with Alvéole


Further your sustainability initiatives and ESG strategy with a unique engagement program.

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Schools with Alvéole


Get hands-on with nature – these programs offer endless opportunities for cross-curricular educational exploration.

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Launch your sustainable bee program in 4 easy steps

Our team of specialists will assess your needs

An urban beekeeping advisor will work with you to better assess your goals, talk safety and insurance, and answer any questions.

Hive and BeeHome installation, maintenance, and care

Your dedicated beekeeper will install and care for your hive and BeeHome to ensure all the bees are happy and healthy.

Activate your MyHive page and schedule your team building activities

See scheduled hive visits, book team building activities, and share your MyHive page with your community.

Celebrate the season’s end with ultra local honey

Spread the word about your bee program with custom branded honey jars made by your own colony!

Answers to your questions
  • What are the benefits of a nature-driven bee program?

    In a nutshell, a bee program:

    • Brings people together around a common goal of improving the urban environment
    • Highlights a variety of environmental issues (like industrial agriculture, pollination, and urban greening)
    • Repurposes unused spaces to obtain green building certification points
    • Produces an ultra-local honey harvest for your community to enjoy

  • Is urban beekeeping safe?

    Yes! At Alvéole, we work with a special breed of Italian honey bees selected for their docility. Honey bees are gentle creatures who (almost) never sting without reason. Unless they feel threatened, bees have no motivation to sting – in fact, once they sting, they lose their stinger along with a part of their abdomen, and die.

    Wild bees are as peaceful as honey bees. They technically can sting, but they don’t. Docile and nonterritorial, they’re extremely gentle. Unless they’re being touched, they simply go about their business.

    Of course, beekeeping comes with additional responsibilities when practiced in the city. Choosing a good supplier is key – here’s what to look for when choosing an urban beekeeping partner.

  • How much space do a honey bee hive and a BeeHome need?

    The installation of a honey bee hive does not require a lot of space. A clear 2-meter/6-foot diameter is enough. The Alvéole team will assist you in choosing the ideal spot for your hive. If you’re unsure whether your property has space to host a hive or BeeHome, our team will be happy to conduct a free site assessment.

  • When do you install hives and BeeHomes?

    The beekeeping season varies depending on the region and climate. Our team will be able to advise you on the best time to start your program in your region. Learn more in the commercial and office building’s guide to a beekeeping season.

  • What is a BeeHome and why are they important?

    A BeeHome provides a safe place for solitary bee species to nest, helping to bolster their local population. Solitary bees are a type of wild bee that lives alone rather than in a colony. Bee populations are in decline largely due to habitat loss and a BeeHome is one way to support pollinators in the city.

  • What is the difference between a honey bee and a wild bee?

    The European honey bee (the species occupying beekeepers’ hives all around the world) is just one of 20,000 different bee species. Honey bees are domesticated, live in colonies in hives, and produce honey.

    Wild bees, on the other hand, are undomesticated, often live alone, nest in plant cavities or in the ground, and mostly do not produce honey.

    Both types of bees play an important role in pollination.

  • What is pollination and why are bees so important?

    Pollination happens when pollinators, like bees, take the pollen from the male part of a flower and deposit it on the female part of another flower. In order to produce fruit, a plant must be pollinated.

    Over one third of everything we eat wouldn’t exist without pollination – pollinators are an essential part of our food systems!

    Learn about pollination here.

  • What insurance coverage do you offer?

    We offer all of our clients complete liability insurance including general commercial liability, automobile liability, umbrella liability, and workers compensation and employers liability. Learn more about our insurance coverage and safety procedures here.

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