Beekeeping for change

Alvéole is first and foremost a labor of love, launched in 2012 by three friends: Alex, Declan and Étienne. Having spent many years as beekeepers in Manitoba, they took on the mission to pursue their passion for bees closer to people, in cities.
And so Alvéole was born, a brand unlike any other that merges beekeeping, education and community.
These days, the team is buzzing with ideas for rallying citizens around bees – honey being but a lever towards a better understanding of the environment and of urban greening.

Have you heard the buzz?

Discover Alvéole's different beehives across the city. See any in your neighbourhood? Our bees probably pollinate your flowers!

The Alvéole team

Beekeeping and agriculture in the city: our team can't get enough of it, and we promise to change, one hive at a time, the urban landscape of our Canadian cities.
Alexandre McLean
Cofounder and beekepper
Étienne Lapierre
Cofounder and beekepper
Declan Rankin Jardin
Cofounder and beekepper
Samuel Trudel Gendron
Visual director
Baka Serkoukou
Office manager
Pascal Giguère
Software developer
Émilie Usher