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  • Urban beekeeping at school: an innovative and unforgettable learning experience

    Biology, biodiversity, agriculture, food systems, entrepreneurship, finances, and more: an urban beekeeping project offers endless opportunities for exploring cross-curricular educational topics with a hands-on approach.


Bees are safe for organizations and schools alike. Since 2013, we’ve initiated urban beekeeping projects in over 150 schools and thousands of organizations across North America and Europe.

  • A safe and immersive experience with honey bees

    Installing honey bee hives at school gives students the opportunity to develop their team spirit over the course of our workshops, inspections, and hive-related activities.

    All our educational packages include:
          • honey bee hives care and maintenance, offering hands-on, stimulating learning experiences;
          • two workshops, engaging students directly with your bees;
          • a unique honey harvest to share or sell at your next school event.


        Alvéole’s commitment to prioritizing health, safety, and well-being

        We offer fully turnkey services delivered by an experienced local team of trained professional beekeepers. Our mandatory urban beekeeper training includes:

                • technical beekeeping and safety training;
                • safety at heights training;
                • as well as First aid and EpiPen training.

        Alvéole is also covered with full commercial general liability insurance.

Students manually extracting honey from a frame in a school classroom during an Alvéole workshop.

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